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Backend Infrastructure

The entire backend runs on Firebase. This includes User Authentication, Data Storage and Processing, Chat Engine, Push Notification Service and host of the Administration Panel.


Firebase handles the logic for authenticating your users, including the SMS logic required for phone authentication.

Chat Engine

The Firebase Realtime Database forms the basis of your app's chat engine. No more undelivered messages - any messages sent when a user has no connectivity are automatically synchronized once the user regains a connection.

Firebase Console

Beyond the Admin Panel you can utilise the features of the Firebase console. You can view your app's resource usage, view advanced analytics, send custom notifications to user segments, browse your app's raw data tree and more.


Firebase has flexible pricing meaning that you will only pay for the resources you app actually uses.

Free Usage

All Firebase plans include a free quota that will support approximately 500 daily active users. Mutual Friends and IAP Receipt Validation will only work on the Flame or Blaze plans.

Usage Estimates

Below are approximate usage statistics based on usage of live apps, use these alongside the Firebase pricing to calculate estimated costs for running your app.

These are only estimates and your app's actual usage will depend on your user engagement.


Active Connections: ~5% of your Daily Active Users

Stored: ~0.1MB per User

Downloaded: ~1MB per day per Daily Active User


Transfered: ~3MB per day per Daily Active User

DL/UL Requests: ~70 per day per Daily Active User


Invocations: ~20 per day per Daily Active User


Hosting is only used to host the admin panel, you will not exceed the free quota with normal usage.

Managing Users & Content

One of the most important parts of managing your app is making sure it remains a safe place for your users to interact and make new connections

Managing Content

Using the Admin Panel you can view all user profiles and delete inappropriate images, ban users and delete users.

You can view all chat histories and delete chats where appropriate.

Dealing with Abuse

The Admini Panel will show you the latest reports by users. You can easily find the most reported users and take appropriate action.

The user report summary shows all reports a user has had made against them and has quick links to any associated chats.

Admin Panel

Check out the demo admin panel to see you can manage users and content.

Demo Admin Panel

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