Answers to some common queries

What Android versions does the Android app template support?

The Android app template supports a minimum API version of 19 and has a current target SDK version of 27.

Is the Android app template written in Kotlin?

Yes, the Android app template is written entirely in Kotlin.

Does the iOS app template support iOS 12?

Yes, the app template supports iOS 12.

Does the iOS app template use storyboards?

Yes, all views are created using storyboards and can be edited using the Interface Builder.

Is the iOS app template written using Swift?

Yes, the app template is written entirely in Swift 4.2.

Will I receive updates to the app template?

Yes, your purchase of the template entitles you to receive updates to the template. Please note that you will be responsible for integrating any updates into any End Product you have created using the App Template.

What versions of iOS does the iOS app template support?

The iOS app template supports iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11 and iOS 12.

Does the template include the backend?

Yes, you will need a Firebase account to setup the backend. The template includes all of the files necessary to setup your Firebase project as the backend to your app, the documentation explains how to complete setup of your backend.

What does the license allow me to do?

The Droplet App Template license allows you to do the following: – Use the template in one project for personal or commercial use, by yourself or on behalf of a client. – Each additional project will require another licence to be purchased. – Any works created using the template may only be distributed in binary […]

Will I have access to the entire source code?

You will have access to the source code of most of the app, including all controllers and views. The app uses a framework exposing services that communicate with the backend to handle the matching, chat and auth logic. This framework is closed-source and will require your licence key in order to use, this protects us […]

Can you customise the app for me?

Please get in touch via our contact form detailing your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote.

Can you setup and publish my app for me?

If you would like to discuss having us setup your app for you please get in touch via our contact form and we will get back to you with a quote.

How long will it take to get my app onto the App Store?

You should allow several days to setup your accounts and complete the app setup. Once your app has been submitted for review with Apple, it is reviewed on average in one day. Apps submitted to the Google Play Store are usually online within 24 hours.

Can I see the Admin Panel?

You can view the admin panel here. Please note that the test admin panel is populated with sample data, for privacy and data protection reasons it does not show data from the live app.

Can I see the setup documentation?

You can view the setup guide here. If you have any questions regarding setting up your app, please contact us.

What do I need in order to setup and publish my app?

In order to setup your app and publish it onto the app store you will require the following software and accounts: The Latest Version of Xcode Installed (iOS Template only) This can be downloaded for free here. The Latest Version of Android Studio Installed (Android Template only) This can be downloaded for free here. An […]

Do I need a domain name and hosting?

A domain and hosting is not required. All of the data is hosted and processed on Firebase including the admin panel. Please note, however, that you will need to have your Privacy Policy and Terms of Use hosted somewhere and provide links to these during app setup.

Can I make multiple apps using the template?

You will need a separate licence for each app you create. Licences are tied to Bundle IDs, you can change the Bundle ID tied to your licence at any time from your Dashboard.

Can I see a sample app?

Yes! You can download the sample iOS app from the Apple App Store here. You can download the sample Android app from the Apple App Store here.